Peach often blossoms beautifully near Tet period ( around January-Febuary). Vietnamese people often go to peach village to take the best shots to save their life moment for Tet and to relax in the weekend.

Near Vietnam Lunar Tet, Nhat Tan flower village ( Tay Ho, Hanoi) starts to blossom, which is the time for the owner to start their business and great time to people to enjoy Tet holiday. Besides the traditional peach, some businessman in Nhat Tan have renovated their garden, growing many other plants to let the space for photographers.

The target customers are teenagers and the couple for wedding. Young people often wear mostly traditional clothes –ao dai or ao tu than. Some wear Hanbok – Korean traditional costume or Kimono. The price for hiring clothes is around 100.000 vnd. People who go to the peach village are various in age, mostly young people but also many kids, the middle-age women and some old people.

That the weather is not too cold, warm at noon is considered as the favorable condition for young people to take the photos, saving the best memories.

Far away 3kms from the Hanoi old quarter, Bach Nhat flower village in this time is outstanding in the middle of peach garden in buds. Here, the owners grow in combination with many other flowers such as sunflower, Gomphrena globosa, violets,…and they don’t forget to arrange more photograph supports such as bike, picture frame, swing, chair and tables…

The entrance fee is 25,000-30,000vnd for ordinary people. People who go there for wedding will pay 50,000d. The owners don’t limit the time to visit for guests.

The peak time is in weekend, especially in the warm and sunny weather, welcoming hundreds of people. The owner of the flower garden moves from planting flower into doing service, letting space for photograph. Everyday, their revenue goes around some millions.

Besides the revenue from flowers for photographs, many local people investigate the surrounding places for parking. The fee is 10,000vnd for one motorbike and 50,000 vnd for car.

In addition, the owners also offer the extra service such as printing image on the cup with the fee around 60,000vnd or they serve the fast foods such as noodles and fruits for guests