Van Phuc Ha Dong silk village – should visit and buy something one time

If you’re a female, don’t hesitate to check out the silk clothes with delicate traditional decorations which will satisfy your fashionable taste in any way. Van Phuc village will be reliable address for shopping silk products. It has been located behind Nhue river, Nguyen Trai Street, Ha Dong city and about half an hours by motorbike from Hanoi. From the center of Ha Noi, There are Tourists coming here are appealed by various beautiful shirts, ties, dresses and other small cute, nice things made from silks Which is available in Van Phuc village. Nearly 90 percentage of 1280 household are involved in making silk products. The village produce more than 2 million meter of silk per year . Coming and Visiting Van Phuc village  is like a chance for tourists to discover the Vietnam making silk industry. Why the van phuc village is so famous. Every single thing has its own reason and the fame of Van phuc silk is not expected. The Van phuc silk is known for its smooth and lightweight appearance and qualities that aid it to dye more color to suit for different kind of skin tones. In order to cater for the changing demand, Van Phuc producers are spreading their range of products: traditional style, embroidered silks, double layers, wrinkled silks and of course more color. Besides, Van phuc village will be an ideal place for you to make “Ao Dai”, Vietnamese traditional costume with reasonable price. Another fact which make tourist want to buy Van Phuc as nice gifts for their family and friends. Under Nguyen dynasty, Van phuc village is responsible for making King costume. Besides, Van phuc was introduced firstly to international market in 1931 and 1938, French justify that the Van phuc silk is the most sophisticated products in Indochina, has been favored by French, Thailand and Indonesia….