Hanoi is one of South East Asia’s most mysterious and culturally rich cities. With over 1000 years of history, exploring Hanoi in the open air by motorbike is one of the best ways.

1. Go to marker in early morning

Quang Ba Flower Market and Long Bien wholesale market are two places tourists should visit once at least when visit Hanoi. The main products here are flowers and foods.

Markets may open almost all-night. Visit these markets, not only buyers, sellers, but also many visitors who want to find a different perspective on culture in the life of Hanoi people.quang ba flower market

2. Walk around Hoan Kiem Lake

Triston Yeo, a famous photographer and close-knit to Vietnam, has voted Hoan Kiem Lake in early morning is the most wonderful places to visit here.

Visitors not only see the beauty gentle, loving nature, but also the routine of Hanoi people, doing morning exercise, regardless of winter or summer. Visitors can stroll along the lake to enjoy the fresh and cool air or rest on a bench to observe and even join in the group of people doing aerobic, playing badminton…early morning sword lake

3. Taste street foods at street vendors

Hanoi is famous for street food and street stalls on the sideawalks. Everybody go to Hanoi are surprised when see lots of foods are sold here, from Phở with Vietnamese flavor to dishes such as fried fermented pork, cheese sticks, sugarcane juice, and even the dishes that made the so.ul of Hanoi as rolled Phở or Bun cha ( grilled pork vermicelli )

… Visit Hanoi at any time of year, visitors will be able to choose for themselves the delicious food. Be observant to find delicious seasonal dishes to feel the full-beauty of Hanoi cuisine on the sidewalk stalls. You could do this activity in our street food tour.

4. Watch Hanoi from above

Tourists visiting Hanoi do not forget to find a favorable place to view the city from above. This is not a new way but will bring pleasant surprise to everyone.

Depending on the time or location chose that visitors can observe the city during the day or night. Advice is to try both day and night time at the same place to see the differences.

5. Walk around the old quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is always the most interesting place for many tourists. Despite the checkerboard design (streets are parallel and perpendicular to each other), not everyone can easily find the way to go out when they lost in the “maze”.

Walking around the crowded small streets or visiting the souvenir shops tucked away deep in the lane will be pleasant experience for any visitor arriving here. If you feel tired, find a coffee shop located on the balcony of an old house to observe the bustling life beneath the cup of coffee has a bold taste and favor of Hanoi.

6. Enjoy sunset at West Lake

Located in the Northwest of Hanoi, West Lake is a destination which attracts tourists.

Many people often find there to enjoy special food only in this place but also many who come to indulge in the peaceful vast space. Especially in afternoon, West Lake becomes magical in orange color dye till the horizon. Visitors can stop to save pictures impressive memories.

7. Travel around Hanoi by motor bikes

Beside Cyclo, motor bikes should be the next vehicle that visitors should try once when come to Hanoi. As you know, motor bike is the most popular traffic in Vietnam, nothing is better than the feeling back of the bikes.

You will act as really Vietnamese, travel around by bike join in crowded and crazy street that’s full of bikes, and some time traffic jam but also impressive. You can touch the air, and the wind blow through your hair and some time cross leave rain. You can travel anywhere in Hanoi with motorbike

8. Attend flag lowering ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

If you can not get up early to witness flag raising ceremonies, let’s join in the flag lowering ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum at 9pm daily. This is a sacred rite for which many domestic and foreign tourists, even Hanoi people wait. Activities at Ba Dinh Square are stopped when loudspeakers begin announcing to prepare to have flag lowering ceremony.

The flag will be lowered by an army consisting of 34 soldiers marched from the right side of the mausoleum in background song “Bác vẫn cùng chúng cháu hành quân”. Many tourists visiting Hanoi was very surprised when saw lots of people standing around were solemn and watched the flag being slowly lowered.

9. Walk on the Long Bien bridge

Not merely crossing the Red River, Long Bien Bridge is historical witness of Hanoi, to which many tourists visit. This bridge was built in 1898 with 3 lanes and separate lanes for trains by Eiffel architect. Take a look by the ancient and impressive architecture, the Long Bien Bridge has appeared many times in the works of foreign artists as well as of Vietnamese young’s projects.

If go to Hanoi, let’s try to walk on the bridge in the early morning or late afternoon day. That would be an interesting experience and hard to forget. The sunset on Long Bien are awesome, and you must see it especialy in the summer. In the winter, there are so many corn vendors on the bridge, taste some boiled or grilled corn and drink, make your heart wamer.

10. Enjoy Hanoi by night

Hanoi in daytime is a vibrant city and bustling but Hanoi by night is completely opposite image. The shops, which are colorful in daytime, are being replaced by the silent, the noisy center also seems to put on a rare calm. Visitors can along the streets, walk along the previous locations which were still busy before to enjoy another dimension of Hanoi.

The air in Hanoi is fresher at night, and the street are decorated by mortor bikes’s light and sign boards. At night also the time Hanoier go out for relax after a tired work day, they often walking around lakes or join in a street night parties with delicious street foods.  Take an Hanoi night adventure, join!