There are a lot of difficulties at the beginning; however; He created prestige brand names from two holy lands of dragons. My impression about him is very clear. He has bright eyes with full passion of enriching and a thirst for new experience and new exploration.  In a short interview with Fineliving, Mr Nguyen Manh Thuc – Managing Director of Asia Eyes Travel Joint Stock Company  opened up to share his passionate feeling about business, tourism and the journey he has passed.  One of those is Paloma brand name – his pride

We do not create the center, we connect community.

As far as we know, you are founder of Paloma Cruise brand name – one of the first luxurious cruise brand names which provide services for both domestic and international tourists in Halong, can you talk about where the idea of creating Paloma crew team start from?

The 4 star cruise on Halong Bay – the very first product which he is very dedicated
Nguyen Manh Thuc: Firstly, surely, I must say thank you to the government and managing organizations in Halong city, Quang Ninh province as well as partners of our company who supported Paloma brand enthusiastically during the past time. Starting tourism career from the beginning years when Vietnam participated in international integration gave me chance to work with foreigner guests. At that time, providing luxurious overnight service to tourists in Halong bay – a famous beautiful bay, an international natural wonder is still unfamiliar, even with people who worked in tourism like us. However, that is also the time I saw It will be a hot market in the near future. And like what I think, now Halong is the most popular destination in Vietnam among international tourists.
Product quality and community connection is what he is pursuing

Fineliving: As far as I know, currently there are many companies providing products like yours or more luxurious one. Can you tell me the differences between Paloma Cruise and others?

The guest is always close to nature
Nguyen Manh Thuc: We created the product not for competition, not for making ourselves as the center, we create community. Therefore, that is the outstanding distinction. We have our own path, focus on each service in detail and above all create friendly environment, connect between our guests and local people, eco – friendly. We would like to cooperate with other partners to develop sustainable tourism.

Develop sustainably and connect community.

Fineliving: What is your 1st priority when investing in this luxurious tourism industry? And how did you invest for that priority factor in each of your products?

Environment and Eco – friendly tours

Nguyen Manh Thuc: As everyone know, in all of business kinds from simple to complicated, human factor can’t be missed and my business culture is also not exceptional. We always give prominence to human factor. Although different people have different personalities, all of staff in the company was trained very basically, professionally and each person seizes the company’s culture well – that is sustainable development and community connection. All programs which we create for the guests is not out of those criteria.

New Day – New Experience

Fineliving: Who are the targeted customers of Paloma brand?

Targeted customers are foreigners who travel to or stay and work in Vietnam

Nguyen Manh Thuc: We have wide range of customers from customers of our partners, domestic and international tourism companies to foreigners who stay and work in Vietnam and Vietnamese. Most of our customers are adventurous people who like to experience new things in life.

Fineliving: In this time, many companies are struggling with economic difficulty. Has economic crisis affected your company and what is your solution?

Mr Nguyen Manh Thuc (right) Tourism development must always go with community connection

Nguyen Manh Thuc: Yes, economic crisis has affected our company. We have running promotion programs to boost customers’ purchasing. We lowered price but still remain our service quality because we know that remaining the service quality is the best way to keep our customers and partners. Since we implement this program, we received many positive feedbacks of our customers and partners, even new customers who just come to us first time. I would like to say again that the most important factor to develop brand name is the consistence. If service quality is always stable, consistent and well – managed, it will surely create positive effect to customers. I think that the service orientation which comes from guarantee about quality will help us to make the customer loyal.

Fineliving: As I know, you have just created a new product with the same brand name Paloma; however; I wonder why it is in Hanoi? Where has this decision come from? You intended to bring “Paloma’s sail” fly on holy dragon land Thang Long

Nguyen Manh Thuc: A very interesting question. The idea of bringing Paloma brand name from Halong (Descending Dragon) to Thang Long (Ascending Dragon) is a difficult decision makes me and staff in the company must consider in a long time. However, finally, I still decided to continue developing brand name Paloma Motorbike Tours – a motorbike tour in which the girls who wearing Ao Dai will drive tourists. I want to have a new wind to push Paloma’s sail further.
The staff wearing Ao dai on white scooter creates new wind to Hanoi tourism

Sail is the symbol of exploring and passion. Normally, it will be difficult for tourists to explore all the beauty of old and friendly Hanoi capital. The motorbikes tours of Paloma will bring to you distinguish experience. And I want my customers to have different view of life and friendly people of this land of ascending dragon. If you come to Hanoi without exploring those things, it is really pity and uncompleted.

Fineliving: Are you the kind of person who like to experience new thing? What is the most favorite destination where you have passed?

The old Bagan land (Myanmar) is one of his favourite destination
Nguyen Manh Thuc: Of course, I am kind of person who love exploring new things, unique and distinguish experience. Each year, I usually spend a specific period of time to carry backpack and travel to new land to experience new things. To me, each place has its own beauty and attractiveness. However, I like cycling from morning to afternoon in old land Bagan in Myanmar and travel by motorbike along Vientiane capital to Luang Prabang of Lao. It is a really unforgettable experience to me.