The bridge was built in 1889-1902 by architects Daydé and Pillé of Paris, and opened to traffic in 1903. It was originally 1,800 meters long with a single-track railway in the middle with car and pedestrian lanes on both sides

Long Bien bridge – Symbol of architecture was considered the pride and the symbol of architecture. The bridge helped transport tons of rice from the Northern and Northern Central areas to the Dien Bien Phu battle field and contributed to the victory of Viet Nam army against the French in 1954.

Many people living and visiting Ha Noi said Long Bien Bridge is the best place to look at the sunrise or the sunset and to take nice photos of alluvial patch.

Many tourists come here to visit the historical construction and view nice scenery.

Many youngsters, teenagers take photos to keep memories of their youth on the bridge or in the middle of alluvial patch full of green trees.

Many vendors and housewives still come here every afternoon for shopping at an open air market.