Hello , I’m Giang – this is my Vietnamese name and you can also call me Jane. I’m Paloma’s driver has been 6 months. Honestly, this is amazing part-time job and I still very excited each time I meet my new friends – my guests  who came from diffirent countries, do different jobs and  have different thoughts…

So today, I write this paragraph to talk about my lovely guest who help me had a wonderful tour – Mike. At the first sight ,I thought he was a gentleman and absolutely I was right …At the beginning, everything just I ask , he answered , I continued ask , he continued answer . Then after few minutes shying, many things were changed ,he told about his job , his experience about traveling and his life… Mike – he is 30 years old . He worked in a big ship with his girlfriend and he was traveled 30 countries ( well amazing life , right ! ). 
On the way , he told lots of thing that he liked in VN and VN is one of the most country he like … After took a coffee , driving aroud the old quarter , we had dinner at 8.30pm in Ngu Xa street( near West Lake) . 31 Ngu Xa is very famous for many kinds of noodle so we tried a lot of styles of noodle and Mike was so happy. He said that he was very keen on VietNamese food because it’s very fresh, good for heath and delicious. Thoughout the meal , we talked , joked and smiled a lots..
I had memorable day with Mike , lots of stories that he told me and a big hug when time to say goodbye , everything is always in my mind. I’m very thankful when everybody believe in me, comfortable to talk to each other to understand about their customs and habits.  Each tour is experience help me grow up day by day and make me never regret about my young time.
Written by : Little Jane