If you want to find somewhere to experience the Vietnamese and American prisoners life, May be Hoa Lo prison is only place in Hanoi letting  you touch prisoners life during two Vietnamese war by the most truly items. Located in the center of Hanoi capital, Hoa Lo is likely to the evidence to prove the brave, sacrifice and kinded-heart of Vietnamese nation. Hoa Lo prison was built by French in 1896 and was one of the biggest and most consolidated prisons in Indochina eventhoughthe ant can’t go inside. The French set the name of prison “Hoa Lo- Burning Stove” since they removed the “Phu Khanh” village (specialized on making pottery product) to make a room for Hoa Lo prison. Besides, the prison has nickname “hell of the Earth” due to the type of most ferocious tortures which have been listed on the top 10 of the most violent prisons over worldwide.

Hoa Lo has been surrounded by stone wall, reinforced by 4m in height, 0.5 m in thick and barbed-wire system with high voltage power going through. The four corners were capable of observing entirely the movements of prison so it is so hard for prisoners to escape. Under French domination(1896-1954),there are thousands of Vietnamese politic prisoners and patriot arrested and inflicted by type of tortures like putting prisoners into the bin and using the hammer to beat around the bin to make the patriot head crazy, putting the patriot head into compost. After Vietnamese people got indepence in 1954 from French Vietnamese people use this prison to keep the American pilots (MP John McCain was arrested in the Hoa Lo prison).On the contrary of French torture, Vietnamese people  treat American pilot very nice and the American pilot compare the Hoa Lo prison as Hilton hotel (five American star hotel). Coming and Visiting to Hoa Lo prison to take a look inside Vietnamese war against French and American colony.