Hanoi ‘s Spring
Lasting from February to April, Hanoi’s spring is humid with drizzles. The average temperature normally ranges from 17 to 22 Celcius degree. As this kind of weather is suitable for the plants to grow and flowers to blossom. Hanoi streets crowded with the burden of blooming spring flowers. Flower of green, red, purple, yellow and for all, they are ideal choices for people. Violet is known as typical kind of spring flowers. The violet always brings a touch vague in the spring. Papery violet petals, soft as silk, tiny blue leaf, stem piece. On the spring, it is easily caught the branches of violet flickered on the street.

Taking Paloma mortorbike tours in Spring season is marvellous choice for tourists to witness the vitality of tropical nature with the moment of famous sweetness spring rain and the odd warm dust raindrops caress on the cheek. Waving through the street with smart female tour guide in “Ao dai” dress and enjoying variety of Hanoi’s food that bring unforgettable memory.