Hanoi egg coffee recipes topped in the most delicious coffee lists which you should try when traveling
In the list of Buzzfeed have the representative from many countries over the world.

1. Egg coffee – Viet Nam
At first, tourists hear about egg-coffee, may be they will find something weird.

However, trying it one time, you will be “addicted”. This kind of unique beverage is harmonious combination of egg yolk, milk, sugar and cheese… and everything is bit smoothly to mix with hot coffee. A lot of tourist over the world appreciated egg-coffee highly.

2. Kaffeost coffee, Finland

In the Kuinuum tradition, Finland, they drink coffee with a small piece of cheese named Juustoleipa. After drinking the coffee, you enjoy piece of cheese deliciously and

3. Kan Kohi Cafe, Japan.

It is not difficult for tourist to buy coffee can since they are sold in almost department store, vending machines. You is served for hot coffee cans comfily in the cold winter and coolly in the summer.

4. Morocco coffee.

Coming to Morocco, remember to visit des éppices in Marrakech to enjoy coffee cup which is made of grinded sesame, black pepper, nutmeg to create special favor.

5. Lagrima coffee, Argentina

Visiting to Argentian, you will have chance to enjoy the breakfast with kind of nice beverage named “ Tears of coffee” including special milk mix with coffee.

6. Turkey coffee.
In 2013, UNESCO recognized turkey coffee as intangible cultural heritage.

It is known for strong coffee which makes enjoyer feel dizzy even though “drunk” with just one coffee cup.

7. Traditional Mexico coffee.

This is kind of coffee which tourists are interested in most when visiting to Mexico. Noticeably, Coffee is contained by clay cup having cinnamon favors and mix with brown sugar.

8. French coffee

Hot French milk coffee is a popular beverage and tourist favorite.

9. Bombon coffee, Spain.

Land of gaur appeals to tourist over the world with espresso café which has equal coffee and milk ratio.

10. Italy coffee.

Italy is the land having the most delicious cups in the world.

One expresso cup has one slice of lemon and the bartenders will rub the lemon slices on the rim of cup to add more sour favor for coffee cup to create the unique of Italian expresson coffe.