I’m a new driver for Paloma Motorbike Tours. I’ve joined since February 2017 and I have to say this place treat me so well. To be honest, the tour with the Mr. Abott Chuck made a strong impression on me. Normally, our tour lasts 4 hours. But this one was different because the tourists asked for a full day tour. So we spent a quite long time to experience the real atmosphere of Hanoi and enjoy typical cuisines. Both Mr. Chuck and his wife were incredibly friendly and humorous. They told us many stories about their life and their cultures. We ate together and talked a lot during the meal. Mr. Chuck even told a joke that “Should I tell the Paloma to cover food with drivers?” Oh my god, I might never meet such nice tourists like them!

Until now, I must admit that I benefit a lot from the tours. At first, I thought this is just my part-time job to earn a little money. But actually, it’s not. Being a driver for Paloma gives me more than what I suppose. I have opportunities to meet and talk with foreign tourists, which helps me improve my English skills and my knowledge about the tourists’ country as well. I also broaden my knowledge about historical sites around Hanoi while visiting and listening to the tour guide. Last but not least, I have a chance to wear Ao Dai – the traditional dress of Vietnamese women which makes me feel so proud and comely. I must say thank to the Paloma Motorbike Tours for organizing these fabulous tours. You are a tremendously professional company .

Written by: Ngọc Ánh