There are many types of massage in Hanoi, from the cheap to the luxury, from foot to body. And one of the best is Huong Sen massage with reasonable price (about 15usd) and very good service for visitors (for all male and female) take into consideration.

A journey of 23 year building the Huong Sen brand of Mrs. Phan Thi Hoa – Director of Huong Sen center associated with acupuncture master of Vietnam – Dr. Nguyen Tai Thu – Central Acupuncture Institute.

Witness the results after more than 20 years to build and develop 5 facilities, with nearly 1,000 officers and employees, hardly anyone could understand the difficulties of that energetic woman Phan Thi Hoa – Director of Huong Sen center on the journey of building a healthy massage brand , combined with the help of Dr. Nguyen Tai Thu – masters in the field of physiotherapy in Vietnam.

Huong Sen: A Firmly brand of Tai thu Massage 1

Huong Sen Physical Therapy center

23 years is a long arduous and strenuous jouney, the“child” Huong Sen was born in the stigma of the society of the first decade of 90, grew strongly from a scratch with the “pure heart“ of Hoa mother and the will to change the view of the society, Huong Sen has grown, become mature and stable with the brand’s bold slogan – Huong Sen for the health of the community.

The 23 years Journey of building theHuong Sen brand of Mrs. Hoa associated with acupuncture master of Vietnam – Dr. Nguyen Tai Thu – Central Acupuncture Institute. She said:  the journey to convicing Dr. Tai Thu is the first difficulty she met on the journey building Huong Sen. However, after listening to her presentation, Dr. did not say a word, “just looked at me from head to toe then go”.

The second time, and then the 3rd hearing her explanation and persuasion, Dr.  still felt very confused.


At 4th times, Mrs. Hoa decided to write down all the ideas, the purpose of establishing physical therapy center for public health on a paper for the explaination to the professor. Only then, Dr. can understand the implications of this work and “nod”. “It is that time that I realized, all is just the beginning,” Mrs. Hoa remembers fondly.

The staff at Huong Sen in skilled competitions throughout the facility

During the process of formation and development,  Mrs. Hoa and Huong Sen faced many difficulties and the stigma of the society. However, with strong will and solidarity, Hoa and her colleagues have demonstrated their business philosophy spirituality “near the mud but does not stink of mud”.

Looking back after 20 years of development and growth

After 20 years of development and growth (1992-2014), experienced many waves, Huong Sen has proved the quality and the its right way to customers. Recently, Huong Sen honored to be awarded the title of top 10 most prestigious brand was selected in 2014 from the organizers honored brand Vietnam.

Behind the impression of a Huong Sen which does not age, I feel about a woman with a powerful willpower, self-seeding and incubation green fields of physical therapy master Tai Thu an ageless journey living and working with his passion as a pink lotus.

Huong Sen health care center.