Egg coffee in Hanoi – Must to try

If you leave HaNoi without enjoying egg coffee, it will be a little bit pity. Drinking egg coffee, eating sunflower seeds and viewing Hoan Kiem lake enable you to touch the inside beauty of Hanoi. And, Where you can find this place like that, Coming and visiting to Old garden coffee ( Café phổ cổ) at 11 Hàng Gai . Enjoying nice coffee and Hoan Kiem Lake Seesighting with reasonable drink price ( from 30000VND – 80000VND) will satisfy your expectation when you stay in Hanoi.

Another nice place to enjoy Egg coffee is Giang Coffee ( 39 Nguyen Huu Huan). Although Giang coffee don’t have fabulous Hoan Kiem view like Old garden coffee, you have chance to enjoy egg coffee which is made by metroplole hotel chief before ( first five star hotel in HaNoi) with very nice taste and nice price ( 20000VND/one egg coffee).