“Cốm” (green sticky rice) is special tastes that be cherished by all Vietnamese. Especially, you only find this taste in autumn. For Hanoians, nothing evokes autumn like the taste of young green sticky rice from Vong village, the grain so sweetly .scented that they left a lasting impression…

“Cốm” is truly delicious. Vong village on the outskirts of Hanoi, is famous for producing the best “Cốm” in northern Vietnam. When autumn comes, Hanoians always remember the special taste of “Cốm” which is a special gift from the soil made by hard-working local famers, holding a simple and fresh fragrance.

“Cốm” is often eaten by hand, directly from the lotus leaves. When eating “Cốm”, you must enjoy slowly and chew very deliberately in order to appreciate all the scents, tastes, and plasticity of the young rice which is sweet, nutty and buttery.

Visitors to Hanoi during the “Cốm” season should go to Vong Village where they will have a chance to listen to the special rhythmic pounding of wooden pestles against mortars filled with young rice and see women shifting and winnowing the pounded young rice.

 “Cốm” is also an ingredient used in many specialities of Vietnam, including “Cốm xào” (browned green sticky rice), “Bánh cốm”  (green sticky rice cake) and “Chè cốm” (sweetened green sticky rice paste) and so on.

“Bánh cốm” is the well-known as it is found at every engagement ceremony. The cakes are wrapped with bananas leaves into squares, tied with a red string and stamped on the outside with meaning “double happiness”. With these characteristics, “Bánh cốm” is believed to be a symbol of steadfast and eternal love.

Green sticky rice cakes are sold on Hang Than Street. Sticky cakes stuffed with green rice are sold on Hang Dieu Street and Quoc Huong green rice paste is sold on Hang Bong Street. Restaurants also offer dishes involving “Cốm”, such as chicken stewed with herbs and green rice, or green rice served with fried shrimp.

Nowadays, thanks to convenient means of transport, many Hanoians send Vong Village’s  “Cốm” to their relatives in other parts of the country, and even abroad, as a special gift. By this way, the delicious taste of “Cốm” always stays in the hearts of Hanoians wherever they live. To those who have ever been involved in farming, eating “Cốm” often reminds them of a fresh and fragrant paddy.