My Vietnamese name is Hang but my friend from other countries often call me Bella. Last October I had an amazing tour. It was so exciting with my guest from The United State of America. His name is Gordon, the same name with a famous chef in America- Gordon Ramsay. I thought that he would be a nice man but he was even more awesome than I thought. I could not imagine he was so young to his age, and especially, the man was very funny even though he was 70 years old now.
We planned our tour quickly then setting off to 39 Giang Café to enjoy the egg coffee . Sitting in the café and he still continued with lots of question: “Why Vietnamese people can sit on little chairs and use small tables? – Because people here is so tiny like you, right?” I was laughing all the time when talking with him.
And then we visited the Temple of Literature. He asked me many questions such as why the Temple had its name, why only man can go to school in the past, why lots of student came to Temple of Literature and took photos. I talked all the things I was trained and he was so interested in, it was unbelieveable that he could listen to me so attentively, which inpired me alot.
We talked about West Lake and then had lunch at 12.00 pm in Ngu Xa Street near there. He asked me where was the East Lake. He was so funny. Ngu Xa Street is famous for Flat Noodle ( Vietnamese name is Pho). Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken.
I had an unforgetable day with Gordon, lots of images about him always in my mind. Each tour is memories filling in the gap of my mind and I never regret.

Written by: Bella