It was the second time I’ve worked as a driver, we had a group of 3 customers from different countries. My partner was Abigail. She’s Korean but now she lives and works in San Francisco.trang
She said she loved everything in Vietnam especially the food. It was the best! The first place was a coffee shop on Hang Buom Str. where you can try free coffee. Abby bought a pack of Vietnamese coffee and a coffee filter. She said the coffee had been very good and strong, it was much cheaper than US as well. She loved it.
Then we went around Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and next place was a flower market. You can smell the fragrance immediately. There were many kinds of Vietnamese flowers there. They were colorful and scented.
We felt hungry so we went to a Vietnamese restaurant to have dinner. We talked and laughed all the time. Our customers were really friendly and felt like the conversation never ended. They liked every single dishes.
Next we went to Hanoi Opera House to take pictures.
Final destination was Hoan Kiem lake (Sword Lake). Abby tried a Vanilla ice cream. She loved sweet flavour so she definitely loved it. Then we walked around, listened to street band, played game…. They were awesome! We had a really good time together and didn’t want to say goodbye.
Abby told me Hanoi had been really fun and she’d loved the food here. The weather was good too.
She sent me an e-mail when she was back to San Francisco. I’ve already missed her.

Written by: Thu Trang